“NanoIntegris Well-Recevied at Tokyo Canadian Embassy and NanoTech Japan 2017”

Tokyo, Japan: Director of Operations – Jefford J. Humes – represented NanoIntegris Technologies and Raymor Inc at the International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference, held at the Tokyo Big Site, East Halls 4-6 and the Conference Tower. Sponsored by the NanoCanada consortium, comprised of 29 delegates from Canadian academic and business institutions, NanoIntegris occupied Booth Space #2 within the Canadian Pavillion, in close proximity to the Main Stage.

According to the nano tech Secretariat of the show, there were a total of 53,106 attendees to the three day conference, spanning February 15-17th, 2017. Due to the large number of guests in attendance and a continued interest in NanoIntegris’ nanomaterials, Jefford was able to communicate with numerous show attendees and businesses during the exciting three-day conference. Apart from connecting with new customers, he was also able to reunite and have productive meetings with three of NanoIntegris’ Asian distributors: Chinwoo Tech Cororation., Opto Science Inc., and New Metals and Chemicals Corporation.

Prior to the start of the conference, Jefford was also an invited speaker on Tuesday February 14th at the “Canada Japan Nanotechnology Seminar,” held at the Embassy of Canada, Oscar Peterson Theatre on Floor B2. Speaking within the Nanotechnology Applications section of the seminar, Jefford gave a well-received 20 minute power point presentation entitled “Separated Carbon Materials for High Performance Electronics.”

On Monday, February 13th the NanoCanada delegation and commission were briefed by Trade Commissioners on the state of nanotechnology in Japan at the Embassy of Canada. The delegation later travelled to Tsukuba, Tokyo in order to visit the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), receiving tours of the sites and lectures related to the current nanotechnological advancements from both research centers.


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